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Purpose of Composition
Seoul, being together and enjoying together
The Seoul Plaza Ice Rink was composed to create a tourist attraction that is
found by foreigners and also to provide an opportunity for citizens to
participatein winter sports culture.
We hope that 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics can be successful, especially this season.
Glacier from the North,
Amazing space with citizens
Expand facilities for citizens and
consideration for the neglected class of people.
Providing an open space to come together and communicate
Compose Design
Floating Ice and Yard
2017-2018 Seoul Plaza Ice Rink has been designed
with two concepts: Yard and Floating Ice.

To prevent separation from the plaza, a small yard was
made between the plaza and rink to attract the eyes.

Also, a natural connection was made between
the public areas.

Furthermore, the deck area was decided as ice platform to
provide a place for communication to the citizens.

The white buildings have the image of floating ice as
if it came down to the Seoul winter city.

By maintaining the overall design for several years,
we decided to maintain the unity of Seoul Plaza Ice Rink.